One Huge Jump

I am a few weeks away from the big 2-5, and I think my quarter century year is going to my big “life altering” year. Well it’s definitely not a year I am going to be able to predict. I am in the dying months of twenty four, and I have basically whittled my life back down to the basics, ready to build it back up into something new.

I finally mustered the courage to dissolve a five year relationship that had run its course a while back, something my gut had been screaming at me to do for months. I then decided I needed to take my career next level. I have worked my butt off for five years forging a pretty successful radio career for myself in the rat race that is Sydney media. But instead of finding another job first, I just quit outright. Decision number two kind of goes hand in hand with decision number three: move to London and tackle the big smoke.

Basically I made three huge life decisions that will change the course of my future forever. But I don’t think I could have made these decisions any earlier. I am finally at a point in my life where I know exactly who I am. I feel strong. I feel physically and mentally fit. I feel happy and I feel confident. Now don’t get me wrong, I still have my meltdown moments, my down days and my freak outs, but it’s amazing what growing older, and life experience does for putting things into perspective.

It’s probably pretty typical, you reach twenty five and start to hit your strides as a “proper” adult and reassess, do something drastic. But it all just feels so right. Since making the lets call it – big three – I haven’t looked back once. I have a renewed sense of excitement and determination. Probably doesn’t help that I am incredibly and almost annoyingly ambitious at times, and this seems like the ultimate challenge.

I am not 100 percent positive exactly what road I want to take when I reach the UK. I am a journalist, and I love it. I love news, I love story-telling, I love the adrenalin and the deadlines and I love knowing what’s happening in every corner of the world at any one time. I am what you would call, a news nerd or a media junkie. And I am excited to be moving to one of the centres of global news. In Australia we care more about what the Prime Minister had for lunch, than the thousands of Syrian refugees fleeing their country in fear of persecution. But away from our little island Down Under, that stuff DOES matter, because you are closer to it and because the public can actually relate. That’s the key to news after all, people are only interested in news they can either relate to, or that directly affects them. The Syrian crisis is too far removed for most everyday Aussies to even comprehend. They care about Islamic State for example, but not as much for the destruction ISIL is causing overseas, more for the influence it’s starting to have on Australian shores.

So news in some form will still be in my future. But I also want to use this life change to explore some of my other interests. Before my journalism career, acting was my life. I went to a performing arts high school, I spent my afternoons rehearsing plays and musicals and I even auditioned for NIDA straight out of school as a fresh faced 17 year old. I was told I had talent but I was too young, they wanted me to go away and get some life experience first. So I followed my other passion. I moved to the country, studied journalism and never looked back. But I do miss it sometimes, I get my fix of performance and acting through my story telling in journalism, but I am curious to dip my toe back into that pond.

So who knows what London will bring? Some nights I will admit I have failure nightmares, where I literally can’t get a job or a break anywhere that means something to me. But it wouldn’t be worth trying if it wasn’t hard right? If it wasn’t risky and scary, everyone would do it, and I don’t want to live my life half-arsed. If I only get one lifetime, I am going to give it everything I’ve bloody got.

So bring it on.

Run at me 2016, run at me twenty five! Let’s create some memories hey?

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