I’m single, it’s Valentine’s Day, and I am feeling all kinds of giddy

It’s Valentine’s Day and I am feeling reflective. It’s the first time I have been single on this day of “love” for a long time and I feel refreshingly content. I feel joy seeing loved up couples celebrate their relationships, I love seeing the cute Valentine themed photos and food popping up on my Instagram and I feel happy knowing I have a lot of love in my life and a lot of love for life at the moment.

I feel sorry for the singles out there hating on today. Come on! Today is as a day to celebrate all love be that for friends your family or even just life in general. It probably helps that I have really felt the love of late from the people in my universe. They say you don’t realise how much people appreciate you and like you until you leave, I’ve found out first hand that that is 100 percent true! I bid adieu to my workplace of four years on Friday as I prepare to fly to London and start a new and exciting life chapter. I was blown away by my amazing work colleagues. I was showered with presents, compliments and thankyous and I was floored by how many people made an effort to come out for a drink on my last night.

I think what it made me realise is, we need to share with our loved ones and friends how much they mean to us so much more. I am going to start making more of a conscious effort to tell people how great they are, to support their achievements, relish their dreams, and to really spread the love. Life is too short not to bask in good vibes and good people.

Yeah okay this post might be a bit vomit inducing, but come one – it’s Valentine’s Day, cheese is a given!


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