My 2019 Beauty Saviours

My 2019 Beauty Saviours

I have never been ‘overly’ into beauty. To be honest, it’s because I have for most of my life been pretty clueless about it. My mum doesn’t wear a lot of makeup or have a very detailed skin routine, and I have just faffed about over the years trying bits and pieces and just sticking to them for ages, until my skin became immune and they didn’t work anymore so I would move onto something else.

My biggest skin issue when I was growing up was stopping pimples. I have had hormonal breakouts mainly near my jawline most of adult life. It was actually the reason I started to finally start looking after my skin a bit better and find solutions and tricks that worked. I have started 2019 with a slightly new and improved routine that I am loving, having tested it out for the past few months. Here are absolute beauty saviours, a mixture of old and new (to my routine at least).


In the past few months, I have reverted from various fancy cleaners, to run of the mill pharmacy Cetaphil. My boyfriend got me onto it, and I will admit I was initially sceptical. But it seems my skin is thriving off the simplicity. It doesn’t smell, foam too much, or have anything remotely fancy in it.

Where and how much: Pretty much any pharmacy. $15 for a big bottle.

Vanity Planet:

The above brings me onto my skin fairy, my “schoozcher” as I affectionately call it. I use it day and night and I am obsessed with the deep cleanse it gives. I use the light exfoliate brush option, and just use a squirt of Cetaphil. I have really noticed the different when I go without…my skin pores tend to clog more and sometimes form these weird little skin tag things? They don’t appear to be blackheads, just clogged skin. Anyway, the schooszcher has made a huge difference in keeping blemishes at bay, particularly around that time of the month when I am most susceptible.

Where and how much: Online, mine retails for about $180, however I bought it on sale for $40, and there are always sales.


This is my OG. I have been using it for as long as I can remember – probably since I was about 13 and started getting pimples. For me, it’s the ultimate way to deal with pimples, and the thing I love the most about it, is If you apply it in such a way – it will dry and almost cover up the pimple completely.

Where and how much: Most chemists. $20.

Mario Bedesco:

This is another recent discovery and now obsession of mine. It’s the perfect pimple antidote to go side by side with my Benzac. While Benzac is great for pimples that have already formed, Mario B is for those ‘under the sea volcanos’ that aren’t quite a ‘thing’ yet but boy, can you feel them brewing. I swear this is magic liquid. I’ve popped it on overnight on areas that I’ve thought would for sure grow into monster lumps, only to have them vanish from sight the next day.

Where and how much: Mecca. $30.

The Ordinary:

I’d heard the hype about The Ordinary’s serums, and I caved like a sheep. I HAD to try. I was impatient almost, to wait for the days it would take for the serum to make a difference enough for me to notice. In the meantime, I was loving the feel of it on my skin though. I was using them after my cleanser and toner and before moisturiser day and night. Low and behold two weeks later, my skin had taken on a new dewy glowy persona. It honestly looks and feels so much plumper and nicer. This beauty step is here to stay! I have been using the Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1% which was recommended for combination skin and blemishes.

Where and how much: Online. $9.90.

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