Who Are You Paying Tribute To This International Women’s Day?

Put simply, my mum is my hero.

This week we marked International Women’s Day and it got me thinking about the women in my life. Most of all, it has me thinking about the most important female figure in my life.

My mum is an incredible example of how to intermix a professional career with a home life, she masterfully allows the two personas to coexist but never overshadow the other. My mother has always been a businesswoman, when I was a child I remember her making a big act of “leaving for work” of a morning, when she was actually only going to the next room while we were looked after by the babysitter. My mum has always found a way to just, make it work. She has changed her career and stepped down from roles to accommodate a young family, and then re-committed herself when my sister and I were more self sufficient and she could give more as an employee. Having basically left the workforce and worked part time during my sister and my formative years, my mum has only soared professionally in her return. She is the top boss of a predominately male IT project office at a local Australian council. She has a team around her who adore and respect her, and is a firm but approachable figure in their lives. She is a kick-ass boss lady.

Personally, my mother is sunshine. She has provided me with more support, care and love than I could ever ask for. She is my biggest fan, my fiercest defender and my calming influence. In heartbreak, she has held me while I wept. In success, she has celebrated my achievements as if they were her own. In my career, she has told me the sky is the limit. In my failures, she has never judged. We look nothing alike, our interests are completely different, but she is my best friend. And, along with my dad my go-to on everything.

My mother thinks she is shy but I think otherwise, I think she is fearless. In her early 20s, having already met her future husband, she quit and left to travel the world for a year. In the face of life’s adversities, my mother has never let anything win. She has always fought back, and has never let other’s opinions cloud her own.

I know I am technically an adult, but when I grow up I want to be like her. I want it all, a family, a social life, and a career I can be proud of. My mother did it and is the most dedicated wife, mother, boss and friend one could ask for. I have met women who are great bosses, women who are great friends, and great mums,  but many can’t master all. I think my mother can.

Thankyou mum, for being the kind of role model I am proud to aspire to. You are genuinely, my hero.

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