OO: Oats Obsessed

Hi, my name is Gemma – and I am oats obsessed.

It is my breakfast of choice, my comfortable, comforting start to the day. In fact I feel a little out of whack if I mix it up with some eggs, or shock horror some boring old toast for my first meal of the day. Oats (to me anyway) are the perfect way to kick start your metabolism. Not only are they incredibly versatile, they are a great filling carbohydrate that fill your tummy enough, but don’t leave you feeling heavy and sleepy again before you’ve even stepped out the door.

I am a sweet tooth, always have been. So while I live a healthy lifestyle I am drawn to chocolate over cheese, honey over hummus and dessert over entree ANY day. Oats allow me to tame my inner sugar seeking side the right way. In fact, I go to bed excited for breakfast it’s my favourite meal of the day. So plain old oats, how do I take them per say? Depending on my mood, or the weather’s mood more exactly, it’s either hot – or cold, or with a little extra pizzazz!

Overnight Oats

Now many are put off the idea of overnight oats, because they don’t want to be thinking about breakfast before they’ve even digested dinner. But, it literally takes under 5 minutes, and its so god damn worth it.

1/3 cup of wholegrain rolled oats

½ cup Greek all natural yogurt

1 tbsp chia seeds

1 tsp vanilla essence

½ cup berries (I prefer a mix of blueberries and raspberries)

In no particular order, mix the above ingredients all together in a bowl. Flatten out into a neat flat surface – gladwrap – and refrigerate. In the morning I top with 1 banana and usually about ½ cup of my homemade granola.

It’s fresh, oh so yum and has the right mixture of carbs, protein and sweetness. Fruit is a great source of natural sugar, so this breakfast is the perfect way to give you that morning buzz and boost to get up and at em’. Yogurt is also a great food to include in your daily diet – not only for the calcium benefits, but it’s one of the few foods made from good for you bacteria. Or live and active cultures to be more specific, which will fight colds, help you with weight loss or weight maintenance, and even assist in keeping your blood pressure down. It is however very easy to pick the wrong yogurt! A lot of brands have ridiculously high sugar contents. Here is what I look for to avoid hidden nasties:

Less than 10 grams of sugar per 100g (preferably you want it under 5g)

A declaration of no added sugar

Naturally pot set

No added flavorings – so just plain ordinary Greek yogurt. Turkish yogurt is also a great alternative.

In Australia my favourite brands are Ruby and Roys and Jalna. In England I have actually found healthier options, in a more natural state, not to mention cheaper! I like Lancashire and Milbona.

Warm Oats

My go to wintery, warm oats alternative, is pretty much a combination of the same ingredients as above – just warm.

1/3 cup of wholegrain rolled oats

2 tsp cinnamon

2/3 cups of water

If you have time in the morning, mix these ingredients together and cook on the stove. If not, the microwave does a mighty fine job as well. Depending on your settings, it should take no more than 2 minutes. Once cooked, I top with 1/3 cup of yogurt, 1 banana, and either fresh berries, or 1/3 cup of berries that I have zapped in the microwave ( this makes your dessert even more wintry, as the warm fruit oozes down through your oats). I also depending on how I feel, either top with a splattering of chia and mixed nuts, or again – some granola.

The beauty of this breakfast is it can almost be mistaken as dessert. It’s delicious, comforting, and filling. This might sound a bit silly, but I also feel having a colorful meal at the start of my day, puts me into a summery and colorful frame of mind. Even if it’s cold, or wet – or a combination of the two outside, this breakfast, in either of its forms, feels tropical, fresh and luxurious.

Weekend Oats

Yes, I even have a weekend option…and yes… it involves pretty much the exact same ingredients. But on the weekend I – hold your hats – add an egg. So this is my healthy pancake oat recipe! It’s so simple, but once again tastes so luxurious and naughty.

½ cup of wholegrain rolled oats

1 egg

1 banana

1 tsp cinnamon

Pop the above into a blender and mix until smooth – there you have it, pancake mix! Once you’ve cooked up your pancakes, you guessed it top with yogurt, warm or fresh berries and granola.

I think I need to re-phrase my admission. Hi, my name is Gemma, and I am breakfast obsessed.

I am also a strong advocate of the avocado, chorizo and poached egg combination, and have been known to have breakfast themed meals for not only breakfast…but also lunch and sometimes hell even dinner! I love cooking breakfast, I love meeting friends for breakfast. I love the fresh orange juice – morning cappuccino combo. I am the biggest bloody breakfast fan out. So basically what I am saying is, if you don’t like breakfast, don’t eat breakfast or are one of those people who ‘aren’t hungry until lunchtime anyway’. You are an alien life-form, and I don’t understand you.

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