The Ultimate Green Smoothie That Doesn’t Taste…Green.

The ideal breakfast: quick, delicious, portable and full of all the good heathy bits….right?

This particular green smoothie recipe is full of all the “things” you need to kickstart your metabolism and give yourself the best possible start to the day. Yoghurt for your protein hit, complex carbs in the form of fruit, healthy fats thanks to almond milk and a good dose of vitamin C and iron with the addition of spinach.

Now I realise that list might not exactly be getting you drooling with anticipation, but I promise, the first sip of this bad boy will have you hooked in no time. The taste is super sweet, and you can’t even tell there’s spinach in there (which is the main worry I get from curious smoothie askers).


1 x frozen banana, cut into chunks

1/2 cup of almond milk

1 dessert spoon of honey

1/4 cup of greek or natural yoghurt

1 cup of spinach


Put the almond milk in the blender first, and follow up with the rest of the ingredients. Whizz away! Add almond milk to thin, use more banana to thicken depending on your preference. Serve as a smoothie bowl, or in a tall glass. Top with granola, fresh berries or cacao nibs as desired.


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